Re: How to strip down an AWD to clean the steering setup

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Step 21 :
*This step can be skipped if your not cleaning your POT !!!*

In the pic called STEP21 you can see the white plastic cover on the front of the POT !! Remove this cover making sure you don’t crack or bend it !! they are on there tight but it does come off !!! once you have it off it will look like the pic called STEP21A !! This pic also has a circle around the part I call the nipple !. Now spray some Circuit Board Cleaner in there !!! Let it dry, Then move the nipple a little and do it again !!! Once it’s completely dried the second time around replace the cover making sure it’s pushed on all the way …

Step 22 :
Now reinstall the POT and the POT backing plate making sure you locate the POT nipple into the matching hole on Gear 1, See pic STEP22 to see the locating hole in Gear 1

Step 23 :
Now your finished cleaning and it’s time to reassemble the car !! You do this by going backwards from Step 16 !!!

The only things I can remember you have to look out for is as mentioned earlier, Making sure you locate the wires in the right place when placing the servo cover/case back on. You can see the location of these wires in the pic called STEP9 !. The only other thing is making sure you put the 4 wires on top of the servo cover back in the right order, You can see the order of the Black and Grey wires in the pic called STEP7 and you can see the order of the Red and Black wires in the pic called STEP6

And thats about it !!! You should now have some steering that works as sweet as new and in some cases better !!!

Hope this walk through helps out anyone that needs it !! It’s taking me almost 5 hours to do, it’s after 4 in the morning and I’m now sick of typing !! LOL 😀