Re: iwaver’s.. are the parts really compatible with miniz’s?

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I think most of the parts are interchangeable, but you can get plenty of cheap iWaver spares from TE anyway.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with iWavers. Yes they are cheap knock offs, and the quality is nothing compared to Kyosho – but for the price they are a great deal.

If you want to go carpark bashing then the iWavers are good enough. If you have a nice track to race on, then the Kyoshos are a million times better.

My Kyosho never goes outside – so it doesn’t get used much. I don’t give a crap about my iWavers, so I end up having way more FUN modding them and doing stupid stuff with them. iWaver is better value, but Kyosho is far superior quality.

Get both 🙂