Re: lithium Li-On Handling Ph2 PLASMATOMIC

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henal, the li-ons that are widely used in this scale can’t handle the current drain of hot motors in the <33 turn range. the plasmatomic is too hot and causes the li-ions to dump out very quickly and die.

go lipoly or 4-6 cell nimh. they’re the only ones that will sustain the high current drain (up to and over 8A at times) that the plasmatomic will pull under load.

here are some lipoly packs that may fit. they are approx 20-25mm wide and will fit in the AAA bays on each side of the mr-02 chassis.

sadly, their capacity’s are shit, only 300-460mah, if you can find any polyquest 600mAh packs (mentioned a lot here at ausmicro) then they’re the best. but good luck to you!