Re: MR-01 PN Alloy Motor Mount

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kevsta, speak of the devil!! does your GT3 shell take wide wheels? ..and where did you come across a metal motor clip that fits a stock plastic mount? ps, blew up my damned peugeot (real car)but hope to get down to meadowbank sometime soon; anyone sorted a track for down there??

That GT3 body came with my ready set which was narrow wheels alround. However, the later tourer type porsches eg. taisan come with wide rears. You could dremel the inside of the wheel arches I guess if you really want to run wide rears with it.

You’re going to bring back some bad memories of it being run over by the bike.

That metal motor mount clip is available from most mini-z online retailers.

How did you blow up your peugeot ? Who were you racing with this time ? 🙂