Re: MR-01 PN Alloy Motor Mount

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cheers DGS, i`ll look up some stuff i need to quote & give it go.. & yeah, is there ever a need to put spacers behind the metal motor mount clip (that goes on the stock plastic mount)i bought the other day? cant figure how i`d adjust it for spacing requirements when using 10 tooth+ pinion gears??

If your using the stock motor mount with metal clip than I think the largest pinion you can go is with the 9 tooth – although I think dgs and talldude have managed to slip in a 10 tooth in there !?. You will need the motor spacers between motor mount and motor, but non between the motor and metal motor clip. The clip is a tight fit.

For the full alloy motor mount, the largest I can fit in there is the 14 tooth pinion with near perfect meshing.

Sorry to hear about your peugeot. So you going to fix it, or get another car ?