Re: new Compact Char-G

8ch Ess Vee
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Yeah, That’ll dock close to my place (20 minute walk, 5 minute car ride). Then bus to HSVs area of the world, and catch the spirit 1 or 2 back to the North island.

Well, the logistics are worked oiut, now all we need is sponsorship, venues, media coverage, a grant from the Bacon Govt, sports Aus, and Cascade.

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Sounds like a fantastic idea Dave, Only one problem, Cascade, that stuff really is tiger p!$$ you know. (Tasmanian joke guys North / South beer drinking tastes are a touchy subject with us Tasmanians)

Actually here’s an idea, we could call it Tar-G-a Tasmania

Thanks for the earlier comments on my track Dave, it is getting there slowly, I have nearly finished applying all the barrier logos and stenciling/painting starting grid, so hopefully by next week I will have a heap more pics.