Re: Pix And Info on all My Z’s

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Next is my Pro-Z, It’s A D2 Silver Merc. The chassis is a Pro-Z Pocket Knife version 5 Team car in Blue carbon fiber. The carbon is a little thicker then the standard ver 5 and of cause it’s Blue !!. It’s got a PN Racing motor mount, Ball Diff, full Ball Bearings, PN speedy Modified Motor, Alloy wheel nuts,Rear side shocks, Rear Center shock (part of the Diamondplate),3deg castor, red springs in the front. I’m running an IWaver 02 PCBwith a LXX MR01servo case, Yeah Racing POT in the servoand Deans micro plug for the battery pack.The pack is a 750mAh Ni-MH Saddle pack… I’ve been thinking of running full aftermarket electronics but I think that takes it to far away from being a Mini-Z… I also have not speed checked this yet..

Look at the low C O G on these Pro-Z’d, Godthere awesome !!!!!

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