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Thanks mate
Will be nice to go into a Hobby shop with a person who gives a crap.
Just went to Hobby Place at Lunch to look for the E Clips.
They are such a usless bunch of wankers.

right on!:evil: i went there once asking for 48 pitch pinions and the dumbass older guy hands me 32 pitch pinions. i had my old pinion with me for reference and was pretty darn sure they were the wrong size. i even got him to open the package and take them out (a task that took him a full 2 minutes, which is a long time when you’re standing there watching, knowing you could have that sucker open in 3 seconds). i’m meshing them in front of him trying to convince him they were different sizes but he’s addamant that i’m wrong. then he says “do you know what pitch is?” and i say “yeah, it’s how many teeth per inch right?” he tells me it’s the angle of the teeth. i was real new to 1:10 at the time and totally confused by this point so i buy them and try them on the spur. wrong wrong wrong!!:angry:

when i take them back all i’m given is store credit. i wanted my damn money back or at least a “sorry about that”, but no.

screw “hobby place” in the ear:dead::8ball: