Re: Review: LXX Super Perfection

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the clone does fall a couple of mm short (and in bit terms thats quite a lot). the shells are nice but sitting next to the tomy ones the flaws show through…

me thinks the perfection company have a scam system of getting all of tomy’s slightly faulty pressing equipment hence the extra flash ( excess plastic along mold lines) and off center logos e.t.c. unfortunatly perfection didn’t get any of the chassis molds as a true clone of tomy sbcg’s would have been nice for modding and parts. the rims are nice and shiny but the unclip feature of sbcg aint there.

performance wise it’s the best clone available, but it aint as good as the enzo,contach or porche.

keeping it on permanant boost tho. half speed sux.

micro: the sbcg’s definatly have a litle more grunt in the power department, for steering and drive which is extremely welcome.