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Entry #4
Okay Pimps from Down Under,
Crazy Dave kicked this contest into another gear last week.
Here’s my next entry: This car started off as a $5.00 Thunder Charger
from Big Lots US.
This was my first completed body mod and I was real proud of it.
Okay well here it is. A lot of you have seen me cruisin around in Da Hood with this so now I’m doing down under to introduce……
Crystal Blu Persuasion
* Targa Top
* Custom Ground Effects
* Custom Air Dam w/brake ducts & intercooler
* Custom Whale Tail
* Front double tab lowered & suspension drop
* Rear Body drop
* Twin Center Aluminum Exhaust
* Matching 6 star wheels
* Detailed lights, mirrors, acc.
* Triple Layman’s Batt mod
* Perfection 4.2 Pro


Oh Yeah, the official entry Pic…..

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