Re: -sorry for this- buying an iWaver…

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if you do want an xmod that’s guaranteed to work you could ask a ‘merikan like sg219 to buy one and test it before shipping.
radio shack are having some great sales at the moment so if you’re gunna the now’s a good time.

the 02 (iwaver or kyosho) is highly regarded as a track car thanks to it’s nice low center of gravity and tunability. i wouldn’t go saying it’s the “best”, a lot of people are starting to favour the 4wd ma010 but for me personally i’m sticking with my 02.

kyosho vs iwaver? well iwaver is a copy of kyosho. they’re about 1/3 the price and about 1/3 the quality. that’s not to say iwaver is crap but if you can afford it go with kyosho.
but i started out in the 1:28’s with an iwaver, it’s not as nerve racking working on a cheapy compared to a kyosho:D
iwavers are a good way to get started in 1:28;) :8ball: