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I think the RRP in USA is only US$150… so that HK listing at $159.95 isn’t doing anyone any favours.

Down here they were A$350 when they arrived 2 mths ago; yesterday the same LHS had them for $295.

Beware, you can seriously blow a lot of dough on Mini-T hopups. Bearings, motors, wheels, tyres, bodyshells (different colours + a Hummer and a VW Beetle coming soon), oil shocks…

Thanks man, buuuuut, not really the information I was looking for.
You see, I have a reasonable amount of money kickin around at the moment, and I’m not sure which’ll be better value, a Mini-T or a Mini-Z Monster. At the moment the monster is ahead, simply because I have seen the video of it. I really need to know the Mini-T’s strengths and weaknesses verses the Monster-z I guess.