Re: The car is dead!

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Did you change the batteries in the controller/transmitter thingy???, the AA’s or AAA’s I think some are, maybe the batteries in the controller are not so good and are able to supply the car with enough voltage to get the car to move it’s wheels etc. but not enough to enable the battery inside the car to charge. As the battery inside the car need more than say 1.3Volts across it’s terminals to charge. But the cars wheels etc will spin at much lower voltages such as .9Volts or even lower actually if it is on the controller. prob .5Volts make it spin

. . . . or . . . .

Could it be a reception fault?? try waveing your controller round very close to the car (after a charging session with new AA’s or AAA’s) including touching the cars arial with the transmitter arial with forward button depressed. If it decides to twig at all that would mean you have faulty radio gear :sad:.

Hope this helps :smiley2: