Re: The car is dead!

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Hey Trackmaster, the internal connections of the BCGs go to the battery and pcb at the same time.
The charging contacts go to the battery (obviously) and also to the circuit board. So if there was no battery present and the car was on the charger, the car would work perfectly……you are correct!
If the car doesnt run on the charger then it is a contact problem.
If it runs when connected to the charger then the charging contacts and circuit board are ok.
If it runs when off the charger then the batter is ok
This last one is your problem, it must be the battery.
Try something, take the battery out and run it on the charger, it should work. Put the battery back in making doubley sure it makes contact. It has to be the battery, even change the battery if it doesnt work, but I still think your problem lies with a battery connection.
Any chance of you posting a pic?