Re: tri cell problems

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Yes, I have seen this in my bits but cant explain why. The motor will still run but only has a fraction of the power it had before.
The motor is damaged in some way. If you change the motor it will run fast again, but that motor will probably burn out too.
I have pulled apart the motors that have failed in this way (5 of them, 3×3.8s & 2×3.5s) and there is no obvious damage. If I put them back together they will run but still dont have much power like before.
Very strange. I think it is only a poor quality motor that goes like this. I have other motors that I have given a really hard time and they have survived really well. Let me ask you a question tho….have you oiled this motor that has started to run slow? The motors of mine that failed were lubricated, and I think this may have had something to do with it. Not sure tho.
Swap the motor with the other one and see how it goes and post the result.