Re: Which way do I go?

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brycevr; welcome! I’ll be quick and to the point; Quality is the question here, so price is relevent, but if you’re not going to be hard on the car, any of the three will do. Though i’d suggest the AWD Z, all you really need (and even then…) is bearings, they have improved elecronics over the earlier models, and faster out of the box too. Like yourself, i too still roll a (heavily modded) 01 as well, actually kept it over the 02 i sold not long ago. As for tires, depends on surface. My Z track generally sees us using 10 – 20 degree rubber, or soft foams… what area you in? Bathurst? You might want to check out our track, more to the point the cars of us Sydney crew. 01s, 02s, AWDs, Iwavers. Setups, etc. Aaron btw is THE person to hook you up with your choice of 1/28 wheels… :smiley16: 😀