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A direct comparsion between the Spider and WoahNelly ranges is not that easy. The Spiders are closest to the WoahNelly EVO turbos in terms of design, while we don’t currently have a product that matches the feature sof the Nelly Deluxe with MOSFET drivers. This will change later in 2008.

As far as I’m aware ph2t has ceased building WoahNelly Turbos, however you can always drop him a PM and confirm this. The WoahNelly is a great turbo but there are some really cools things about our gear that I think give us and edge.

Starting with a good stock motor like the PN Speedy07BB is a great introduction to the increased performance without creating a missle in your loungeroom.

If core pricing is no object the AWD is just amazing, the design is excellent and is a lot of practical fun. That said the Nanoracer platform is well build and there’s not much about the MR02 platform that isn’t to be liked.

As for the overall list, bearings and PN motor will give you quick easy fun in any chassis without stressing stock electronics. I’d then suggest playing a bit with tyres and the suspension settings. Ball diffs can improve handling & predictability in the RWD chassis greatly, but in the AWD I feel they’re less of a need.

If you’re going LiPo in the long run you’re going to run into problems with the voltages controlling the MOSFETs. I would recommend at the moment getting a WoahNelly Deluxe or waiting for our Bug Turbo to come onstream with MOSFET drivers before going down the LiPo path.

Fluid dampers etc are great, but I do feel you’re going to get more tuneability out of the tyres (try some Gandini Foams – we have a new batch coming into stock real soon) before the damper type really matters.


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