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Some days just seem to be better than others, ya know? Yesterday was “one of those” days for me.

    [*] Woke up late.
    [*] Struggled to get the family out of the door for work/school.
    [*] Heavy traffic on the highways into work.
    [*] Started with a tough meeting with senior management and was off-balance for the rest of the day.

    …and if the first 3hrs weren’t challenging enough….

    [*] Discovered more problems with the race venue in Springwood and had to have an urgent “GO / NO-GO” telephone meeting with Aaron (who was 300km/186miles away having his own crisis).

    As you all know (and thanks for the emails), we decided to hold back the big race day that was scheduled for Saturday. Having seen the member enthusiasm towards the event, it was arguably the toughest decision we’ve had to make for since the site hack late last year.

    At the risk of sounding like we’re “pissing in your pockets”, the issues at hand would not have made for the day you were expecting – or deserved.


    We’ve learned some lessons.
    We’ve built a bridge (…got over it!)
    We’re keener than ever to have the big race day.

    It’s going to happen. We’ve been looking forward to it as much as you.

    Stay tuned.

    Derek blackeye: