Re: xmod+ iwaver decision time

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cool, thanks for the help merc-blue. steering pot sounds easy enough, will do that tomorrow.

i have been thinking about it all day and have decided to go the spider. i do have the skills to build a pcb, but unfortunately not the equipment, unless i hack something up from perfboard. spider is quicker and neater.

and for the li-ion, i might have a quick search thru the other forums out there, see what i can find, but i dare say, that the board will be fine with 7.4v.

oh, and i have already done my first mod to the xmod: a carbon fibre driveshaft. i had about a half a meter length lying around from an old school project that was the exact diameter, i cut it to length, filed the ends to fit the gears and it was done. if anyone wants one done, or a set of 3 for the different chassis legths, let me know, i still have more kicking around somewhere.