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      I am thinking about getting a nitro HPI RS4 RTR 3 from Tower Hobbies. Is
      this a good car? Should I buy it as a beginner or something less
      expensive. $315 for everything including the ultimate combo kit and gas.

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      The HPI cars are very good. I don’t know about the idea of going Nitro as a beginner though. Nitro is harder work than electric to keep running.

      Make sure your Local Hobby Shops stock the HPI parts, becuase there’s nothing worse than breaking something and having to wait for replacement parts from Tower etc. There’ll always be some parts that are special order but hopefully things won’t break too often 😉

      Asides from that make sure you’re buying a car that suits where you’re going to run it. If you have lots of open smooth surfaces then road cars will rock your world… if you’ve got rougher unsealed areas then a buggy/rally car may be the go… Don’t get something that is going to limit how and where you can enjoy it 😉

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      Tower in the ‘States can usually post stuff out to you Overnight, especially stuff on that Parts Express list.

      Non-US residents are a little less lucky. 🙁

      NRS4 3 is a shaftdrive car, so it’ll shrug off sticks and stones. If you want to run on rougher ground, try the Nitro MT instead.

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      Thanks and I can get parts locally just Tower is very cheaply priced compared to $400 without starter kit! Thanks again.:approve:

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