6 x 4 articulated Bit Semi truck!

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      Here’s my second Bit Char-G project in progress, a three-axle, 4WD, 2WS, dual-motor, articulated 1/100th scale semi truck.

      Mods & features include, but are not limited to:

      Real carbon fiber flexible lower chassis plate
      Semi-independent articulation at every wheel
      Two 1.0 motors with low gear sets (one per drive axle)
      Bit Racer treaded tires
      Choro-Q body

      This is most definitely a work in progress. I will be adding more batteries, not in series for speed, but in parallel for runtime and weight. I also obviously have quite a bit of body work to do, to make it look professional.

      Currently, this truck can climb a 30-40% incline, stop, back up a bit, and start again (no running start!).

      Full details of this ongoing project can be found here:


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      I just love to see what all you ?maniacs? are doing out there. All these projects poppin?up all around surely is a sight for sore eyes. I wish you the best of luckfor the upcoming body work and further improvements with this car & upcoming projects.

      I love this little truck, GREAT!!!

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      Thanks much for your kind encouragement. I’ll be sure to post major updates as they come.

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      That’s absolutely mental! I see you’ve got your reciever board mounted the same way as the one in my 2.4v Bit (upside down and rotated 90 degrees). On my Bit (Toyota Sprinter Trueno) i’ve got the pot sticking out of the rear window hole. It was the only way to make space for my huge 2.4v Nimh battery…

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