A young fighter raises gamecocks and sells them until he is rich.

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      If talking about gamecocks or hit chickens, everyone knows each other well. Because since ancient times, according to legend, hitting or beating chickens is widely popular in Burma. especially in the royal court Hitting chickens is considered a royal sport. This gamecock or cock hit. It is a kind of native chicken. but has a special ability in terms of combat Raising gamecocks is considered a sport. And is another cultural heritage of Thailand for hundreds of years.

      At present, raising gamecocks or fighting chickens is popular in all regions of Thailand. Most of them are raised to hit and raised to sell at the same time. to the point that there are many farms that are known as chicken arches are opened, scattered in both the province and the city Most of them succeeded by selling the breeding chicks or broiler chickens.

      Sia Tam Chicken Farm

      Maybe the owner of the chicken kiosk Or some chicken farms even sell eggs from good gamecocks. Make money easily, falling 50,000-100,000 baht per month, like a hundred thousand gamecock farm. in Ubon Ratchathani Province which is a young fighter’s farm The person who raised gamecocks and sold them to riches, that is, Mr. Chattrakarn Kamutchat or Sia Tam lives at 97 Village No. 7, Ban Na Pong Phon, Lat Kwai Subdistrict, Si Mueang Mai District. Ubon Ratchathani Province He has been in the gamecock industry since the age of 8 until now. Income from selling gamecocks falls from 50,000 baht per month to 100,000 baht.

      Sia Tam said that he was engaged in agriculture – trading. Love cockfighting or cockfighting since the age of 8 because there are a lot of people playing cockfighting around the house. In addition, my father supported and taught me that Don’t gamble on the gamecock until you run out of meat. Ask to use gamecocks to build a career and make money. If the chicken is good, sell it.

      When entering a young age, aged 16-17 years, there is a good gamecock in possession. Take care of the gamecock by yourself since the breeding Raising chickens from birth taking chickens for exercise Getting fit and training chickens to be strong and ready to go into the crash arena. Pre-collision and ไก่พม่า post-collision care Even the treatment of sick chickens can be called a complete formula.

      The name of the chicken farm He was not officially established and did not put up a sign But those chicken masters They are popularly called Sia Tam Chicken Farm or Sia Tam Chicken Arch, Si Muang Mai, this name is known to be very extensive.

      Sia Tam said that the gamecocks here are real, real quality, really good, and are accepted and trusted by gamecock connoisseurs from all over the country. which the farm has witnesses – evidence There is a person who buys chickens from us, can confirm the quality of the chickens from our farm at any time.

      Gamecock Market

      Raising their gamecocks has been done for almost 20 years. keep it alone by having brought chickens to fight all over the region almost all over the country that has it Just came to breed and sell as the main occupation in the last 10 years. Because the chicken went to fight and win. All the chicken masters who like the style of pecking, hitting, hitting or knocking out opponents of my chickens have contacted me to buy chickens from my home. Some people give very high prices, so they turn to breeding gamecocks for sale by adjusting 4 rai of land to farm gamecocks. Selling a good chicken after crashing and winning at a price of 100,000 baht each.

      For fighting chicks under 2 months, the price is 1,000 baht each. Chicks aged 2-4 months are priced at 1,500 baht, 4-6 months old is priced at 2,500 baht. Prices start at 4,000 baht and ready-to-eat chicken. Prices start at 6,000 baht. Some months sell young chickens that have been selected or fit to practice. get salary 200,000-300,000 baht, it used to be, but for sure, only income from the sale of gamecocks Monthly income of 70,000 baht to 100,000 baht at least

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