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      Shortly after building my first track, I recognised that it looked a bit bland (understatement of the year?)

      Then I received my race track corner set from TOMY. They look GREAT, but the cut-out “TOMY” walls, printed on the back of the packaging, looked far from impressive IMHO.

      So – I set about creating a set of scaled, full-colour adverising “walls” that could be used with both DIY tracks and and the TOMY corner kit.

      I have uploaded the first-round results. Just follow Tech’n’Tips –> Bit Char-G or click on this direct link to the image gallery

      They are meant to be representative of standard 1200mm (4′) high advertising seen at most motor racing circuits (yes – I went to a race track and measured them!). I’ve then scaled them down to the approximate Bit Char-G scale of 1:70

      The template was produced in Photoshop and Illustrator using a target resolution of 300dpi. Source images were obtained from magazines (scanned in) or from artwork readily available on company websites.

      A 2mm (0.079″) black strip was added to the bottom of each strip. This is the black bar that you’d normally see at the bottom of race track advertising or, in the case of the TOMY corner kit, slides into the clever barrier holding groove.

      Once the single (BIG) image was completed, it was printed with an inkjet printer at 600DPI onto genuine Ilford Digital Photographic. I chose the SATIN finish for this project, as it gave the “not too glossy, not too flat’n’boring” look that I wanted. It also comes up a treat when doing macro photography.

      After waiting a painful 25mins for it to print and dry (the Ilford papers are best left for at least 20mins to allow deep colour saturation with the archival ink I use), I got out the Exacto knife and started cutting.

      The result? Well – I’m pretty happy. They exceeded my expectations for a first-round attempt.

      Now – the big question. Is there anyone else interested in getting hold of the template to make their own OR would there be enough interest for me to send them off to the printers and getting, say, 250 or 500 sheets run off?

      DIY Option 1 – the ready-to-print template is a 1:1 @ 300DPI TIFF file which weighs in at a hefty 4.3MB. I’m happy to make it available for download from, but please **SAVE** it once you have it! The hosting bill will send me broke if you all download it 10 times a day ;-p

      DIY Option 2 – The Photoshop (v6.0) master is a 1:1 @ 300DPI PSD file (~8.2MB)that you can use to make your OWN custom advertising/track signage, using local brands/manufacturers as your source of inspiration. All you have to do is remove/move/hide MY layers containing the images you don’t need. I’d love to see this take off, and get a feel for everyone’s creativity. Once again, I’m happy to make it available for download from, but please **SAVE** it once you have it!

      Ready to Cut – I’ll try to find somewhere to get them professionally printed at a reasonable cost. My first sheet cost approximately AUD3.75 (USD1.95) in paper and ink — SURELY we could belt that down to a weenie cost with a copyhouse or similar? Just express your interest at the bottom of this thread (no obligation – it’s just so we can get an idea of numbers).

      Thanks again for your support and interest in building the micro RC community!


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      I love to get ahold of your PSD template. I’ve got Photoshop, a nice new printer, and stacks of card stock!


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