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      Hi everyone

      We’ve just finished uploading a beta version of our new links database. For the time being, I’ve only done a Bit Char-G one. However, if this system works and there’s enough interest, we’ll look at doing databases for Digi Q, Tin Cars and Mini-Zs

      The temporary URL for the database output is you can see, it currently resides in the Technical –> Bit Char-G section of the site. At the time of the next site re-design we’ll move it to a higher location in the site, more easily located from the homepage.

      For the time being, Aaron and myself will be the only people who can add/delete/edit entries. Once we’re satisfied with the stability, we’ll call for volunteers to test the web admin interface for the database and move onfrom there.

      For the time being, we’d really appreciate (by email if possible):

      • Feedback on the stability of the output page – including any rendering problems (just let us know the operating system and browser type/version)
      • Category effectiveness and relevance
      • Suggested additions eg sites, categories
      • Notification of any required corrections – errors/omissions
      • [/list]

        Finally – and most importantly – we hope that this becomes a useful tool as you continue your quest to become a Bit Char-G God :smiley2:


        Derek (and Aaron by proxy!)

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      can I be on your list?!??!?
      great compilation….

      just in case you want it:
      -aquila out

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