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      ONLY 7 LEFT!!!!!!!

      MOCK UP T Shirts


      This is the Navy Blue sleeved shirt. Looks very nice too I might add.


      Here we have the Royal Blue. A nice light blue, it doesn’t show too well on the above pic but I have included a better shot of the blue below (even though the logo and rest of the shot looks like poo!


      This pic is a good indication of the colour of the sleeves of the Royal Blue shirt.

      On a side note:
      Shirts are 100% cotton.
      Shirts have straight bottom
      Shirts are VERY generously sized!!!!!
      In the mockups, I am wearing a HUGE medium, so those of you that overestimated on size DON’T NEED TO!!!!!!!!!

      9 Left!!!!!

      Cost will be $28.50

      OK, this spot will be updated regurlarly to show a list of who has ordered shirts.

      Remember there are only 25 shirts, so when this list has 25 names on it, and you want a shirt….. unlucky!

      So far we have:

      Aaron Royal Blue (Medium)

      Derek Navy(Med)

      Me ~ Kitty Navy(Med)

      bithed in Japan (FIRST) Navy(Large)

      Impreza in Canada Navy(Large)

      DaveF Royal Blue (x-Large)

      Shypo Royal Blue or Navy Blue(small)

      Barrelll Navy(Medium)

      dgs73 Navy (Large)

      GT-ahh Royal Blue (Medium)

      PandaBear Navy (x-Large)

      micro Amp Nav) (x-Large)

      Trackmaster Royal Blue (Medium)

      Emma (friend of mine from real life) Navy(Medium)

      Bear (another friend from real life) Royal Blue (xx-Large)

      Craig (another friend from real life) Royal Blue (Medium)

      Danny (more real life people) (Navy) (Large)

      Matt (same as Danny!)Royal Blue (Medium)

      So far that is 18 from 25.

      Only room for 7 names!

      Get in fast!!!

      The shirts will NOT be ordered until I have 25 names, and I have 25 lots of money.

      Postage will be via the Red Australia Post Satchels at $4.20 each.

      Aaron will distribute payment/banking details.
      *purr purr*

      Z Blue Skyline
      Z Silver Mazda
      BitCharG Hummer

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