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      What can i say, it was fully sick. I was at the Foster’s Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, it was my first time, and, my friends won tickets to sit on the grand stand, worth $500 each, i got to go too, the noise is too hard to explain, you will never get another feeling of permanent vibration, at any other event other than formula 1, the atmosphere was huge, race day was packed, it was basically unpractical, getting a seat on race day-that’s in the general admission area, you get to sit on grass, and by 10am every hill was at maximum capacity, i couldn’t believe how much merchandise was there, they were about 50 stores dedicated to formula 1 during the grand prix in the circuit, and out on suburban streets, i got dressed in my full ferrari gear, michael schumacher hat, malboro, tommy hillfiger shirt, it was amazing, i would say 10% of the crowd was wearing ferrari gear. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s easy to go for a winner, i loved ferrari, since i was little, so it was only natural, on the first practice session, i got to see jenson button’s engine blow up straight in front of me, and by race day i got to see what f1 is really about, there was a parade, and finally i and many other avid people got to see the foster’s pit girls, although behind a fence, the wait was finally over. And then the race started, we all know the result, personally in my opinion, if schumacher didn’t have to pit, because of the piece of carbon fibre that came off his car, or if kimi didn’t have a drive through penalty, they would be the two to beat, they only were behind by 10 seconds a piece from david coulthard by race end. In the end it was a memorable day, after 4 rolls of film, i think a captured a masterpiece, if anyone wants pics give me your email address and i’ll send them to you, so you can post them on the net, btw, i finally am getting my computer fixed, so i’ll be fully online by sunday, thanks Meier

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      I would love to have a pic of Schumacher’s car. I am a huge fan of his.

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      post the photos on

      DaveF! 👿
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