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      I have recently bought 3 bit char-gs, treuno rx7,lancer evo7, and penzoil r34sets from ebay, and i’m wondering why the led display on the controllers doesn’t light up as brightly as the motion display while your moving the cars. When i charge my bit char -g’s the light is very faint whilst being charged,and the cars only run for about 40 seconds at full throttle. This makes me think of the two variables that might cause such low power, batteries for the controller or cars are damaged internally,which idon’t think is the case with all three newcars that have the same problems, i am using low quality alkaline AA batteries but i’m scared to use higher quality batteries like enegiser longer life, etc…………. what is the problem withmy cars or am i doing something wrong?anyone please replymy question if you have any knowledge or have experienced the same problems, from a new bit char-g racer.

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