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      Not my best paint jobs, but I was trying new paints (Faskolor) and a new airbrush/compressor (Testers Mighty Mini) and had some problems.

      First up 1/36th scale.

      My Micro T
      Only mods so far are BRP bearings and BRP Classic Hauler Body.

      I wanted to keep it simple so just a pin stripe accents the Pearl Green Paint.


      I took a Bic marker (couldn’t find my box of sharpies) to accent the lines but my arthritis kicked in. Sad I’ll redo them when it wears off.

      Next is my RC18B (now T)

      The only mods to this one so far are the RPM front bumper and ProLine Crowd Pleaser 2.0 Body. Team Losi Street Tires on Associated Rims.


      Yes, green again (painted at same time as Classic Hauler). I had to put my driver’s name on the door.

      Now the Mini T

      I haven’t done anything to this yet. But I have a load of Purple Anodized parts and bearings to go on it.

      The colors are Faskolor’s faschange color change paints. The main color is Faschange purple (undercoated in black) and the flames are faschange Blue undercoated in White.


      I had a load of problems using the Mighty Mini Compressor and Testers airbrush with the Faskolor paints. I found out it doesn’t put out the pressure needed for them. Most airbrushes are rated for use in the 15-30 psi range (my new Paasche is rated up to 50psi) and the Faskolor recommends starting at 40psi psi.

      I still have a few bodies at home (A buggy for the RC18B, Trinity Brew Hauler and a cool 50’s panel delivery for the Mini T and a BRP Stadium truck for the Micro T) to paint.

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      i like the mini t body, great looking paintjob:thumbs_up:

      you’ll wanna have another go at the brp body lines, i know you can do better!:D :8ball:

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      @betty.k 225484 wrote:

      i like the mini t body, great looking paintjob:thumbs_up:

      you’ll wanna have another go at the brp body lines, i know you can do better!:D :8ball:

      I was slightly disappointed with the Mini T body because I laid the Faschange Purple too think that it didn’t come out even with the black undercoat. Now that I have an internal mix airbrush (Paasche) and a compressor I can use in the house that puts out enough psi I might have some better results.

      I just have to convince the wife to allow me to get some more bodies. :smiley14: I’m not supposed to buy more until I paint the ones I have (only 4 left for me to paint). Plus she took my second and painted it herself. I really have to get a picture of hers, Dark Purple with pearl purple flames.

      I’m going to be painting BRP’s stadium truck starting tonight as week as a Trinity Brew Hauler body for the Mini T.

      As soon as I get a scale I’m going to weight the Mini T and then start putting on all the purple aluminum parts the wife got for me. I want to see how must it adds to the truck, one of the people at the track was kidding about them becoming lead sleds.

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