bit clone proportional steering project

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      hey, i got a $6 Bit clone (2 !) and have tired of the standard steering limitations.

      i am going to have a go at a 1/64 full proportional F1 car.
      i will use the lipo from heli as power source and also the main rotor motor is much beefier than what came with clone.

      im thinking of using a pico Z heli TX and a PIC in the car using IR setup to read the heli controller. im thinking the rear rotor trim buttons will work nicely with steering adjust.

      i will attempt to get a mechanism in place before we start the pic coding.
      alternatively, i think i could use the heli RX and have a small interface/servo driven by the tail rotor voltage.. this also doubles as battery charger as well !

      any thoughts?



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      sounds good, except if it works the infra red might not have the range to cope with the speed. good luck!

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