Breaking in motors a lazier way.

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      Alot of you like to break in your new motors before actually using them in your bit. The standard way to do so is to flip your bit upside down and tape/elastic/weigh down the controller’s forward or reverse and let the battery run it’s course. This is all well and good but it requires your controller locking system, a flipped bit and well, too much fuss. I now offer an alternative method that looks much more aesthetically pleasing (don’t tell me that a flipped/suspended bit looks dignified) and requires less bric-a-brac to implement.

      Many of you have the bit racer chassis’ lying around, forlorn and stripped of everything you could use for your bit. Some of you have thrown these things away . Shame on you. A bit graveyard is sometimes the right tool for the job. Take the racer chassis and stuff a battery back in it. Many of you see where this is going. Toss your engine in, charge the batt and let it sit on your table, whirring happily away. You can even flip the battery and set it in reverse.

      If you have a low quality motor, you won’t want to leave it there too long though. Because there isn’t any extra electronics, not to mention the voltage throttling, a single charge can last a long, long time. The motor is essential wired straight to the battery, so it does spin faster than it would in a bit. I wouldn’t recommend anything larger than the stock battery, unless you’re using the larger size engines.

      Most people recommend about 5 minutes when using a bit to break in the motor. For this application, 3 mins should do the trick.

      Oh yeah. Happy Canada Day!!

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      I know its not on your topic, but Canada Day is awesome, I was in Victora (Vancouver Island) for last years, I had a great time, so many crazy canadians.

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