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      I was looking at my 1/18 brushless esc and noticed 2 out of 6 N-channel fets are burnt. The N channel are IRF7389

      The P channel are TPC8107*TPC8107*&N=1323038&Ntx=mode%2bmatchall&Ns=P_SField&OriginalKeyword=TPC8107&Ntk=Mouser_Wildcards

      I’ve been looking for fets with higher power dissipation, higher current drain, and lower on resistance. Theres a couple I’ve looked at, but I’m not sure if they will work
      I don’t know if its configuration(Single Quad Drain Triple Source) would let it work as a replacement.
      This has very good current drain and power dissipation, but the Resistance is higher. Also, it says in the description its Dual N-channel. Would this work as a replacement?

      So far, those look like the only ones that have better specs and cheaper. However, I’m not finding any info on whether their different configurations, whether Dual N-channel or Single Quad Drain Triple Source, will work as a replacement for the IRF7389.

      If theres anyway you could help me out, it would be great. I’d like to know wheter either would work? If not, what could I use? Finally, what other specs should I be concerned about? I’ve been reading the following
      However, I don’t have enough background to fully understand it.

      Thanks again in advance!

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      your looking for something with the same pin configuration as the original mosfets on the board. its unlikely that the originals were dual channel. you’ll be able to tell by following the tracks on the pcb. usually there is a single thin track leading to pin 4 on the mosfet, which is the gate. if there is a single gate, then it is a single channel. 2 gates means 2 channel.

      the specs your looking for are lowest internal resistance and the highest amp rating. also make sure you get one that will operate at the voltages you need it to.

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