Can you say Targa?

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      From the Hobbit Hole

      Well first I was thinking of doing something really different but I was having trouble figuring how the best was to make it fit the contest rules.

      I decided to do a top style that I used to see on the Porsche 914.

      YES, You know better what I’m referring to.

      Yes, I did it.

      Now the body I choose was another GM product.

      May I introduce to you:

      The 2003 Corvette TARGA


      I slot lowered the body. Well I slot lowered so much that I couldn’t get it to fit on the SE chassis I designated for the project. :smiley13: So I had to pull out a Old Style ZZ chassis. I test fitted it and guess what. It wasn’t fitting on that one either. I had to remove the PCB cover and I put a piece of plastic card over the PCB with some duct tape. :rolleyes:

      After I got the body to fit I put on the side skirts and front air dam.


      Then I looked at the back of the car and said I needed something for rear. I was thinking a small spoiler but I decided to do the wing instead. It took me an hour to get the wing to look the way I wanted.


      Then I hit Auto Zone to look for a color and since I couldn’t find a golden yellow I figured Dupli-Color’s Light Champaign Metallic would be nice. I also picked up some Dupli-Color Clear top coat while I was there.


      Now you may notice the faux interior I put in the car. I was going to use my old Phast Motors interior but again the body was too low for it to fit. and since I’m not a interior designed I went to my art program in my computer and created this one.

      Now to go back paying attention to my wife. :big:

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      well done, those bodies were pretty ugly outta the box but now she lives!:topstuff: :8ball:

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