Compact Char-G Problems: Please Help

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      Originally posted by Osmo on 17October2002

      yeah, i might take it back, just have to wait till new stock arrives… i bought the last one 😛

      Is this a common problem??

      Is it fixable??

      Ya, its a pretty common problem that the Blue GTR runs out first. I was the cause of that at 2 places I shopped at… :smiley2:

      Fixable, well, it can’t be impossible but if you can swap it – why bother? All my cars came working ‘ok’, they seem to have adjusted it properly at the factory anyway (the lever is always in a different position out of the box).

      If they don’t have the Blue GTR see if they’ll swap you the chassis from a yellow S2000 set, its more commonly in stock.

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      my white skyline’s got the same prob( hang on thats a 40mhz yellow s2000 chassis). fixed it by making a custiom set of tyres from pacer pencil grips. just makethe tyres differing widths. for instance on tyles my bitslips out to the left because the power distrabution(no way we gonna get diffs to fit these) so to compensate i trimmed thetyre a mm thinner than the other one with a stanley knife. for steering things get a bit complex. because i spent $75 on three of the 4 KIT racers i have a multitude of tyre sets, so iuse a soft tyre on one side and a hardtyre on the other. for a dollar u can buy a set of front tyres for afx racing (slot cars). using one of these on the bung wheel might help as they strech over the rim to create a round surface which then limits the effect the displacement. hope it helps!

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      Well i took it back yesterday, they had no others in stock, so they gave me a full refund with no questions asked. 🙂

      Now i just have to wait and find another shop with stock.

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      too bad. did u have a go fixin it?

      nobody fixes these little guys so if it gets sent back to the distributer they’ll just put it in the bin (sob). cheaper to replace than repair. go and check the stores bin if u want a spare shell for your next car!!

      honour the spirit within the machine “deus est mechanicus” and it will honour you.

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