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    new mario kart choro-q hybrids due out end of the month, theres no local distributer however and real news in english is scarce about them. they will have lithium-ion batteries in the cars, and the controller has weapon power ups.

    ” Not from the remote, what do you shoot from the chassis?

    その通り! That’s correct! 相手の車めがけて赤外線を発射することでマリオカートWiiのアイテム効果を再現するんだ! Mario Kart by the other car fired a bullet at infrared Wii to recreate the effect I items! “

    hard to understand, but im guessing there is a send ability on the cars making these pretty decent.

    “”Midori Koura”, “banana”, “Dash Mushroom”
    「サンダー」「スーパースター」の5つですよね? “Thunder,” “Superstar” There is five? アイテムは♪ ♪ item”

    koura is the turtle shell, so green shells, mines, speed boost thunder i think stunned all enemies and superstar, i cannot remember what that did on old nintendo machines.

    the link above has a pic of th new micro chassis. again looks like even less ability for custom set ups.

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    Wait, what. Yeah I still check the site.

    So the new Mario Kart Q’s are gonna have digital weapons, so like you can shoot the other car and it will stop? Awesome!

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    yes weapons and racing. if done right these will be very nice indeed. the sound effects will get pretty annoying though

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    a new pic surfaced showing the five karts. no princess, but koopa!

    tomy website got an update also. looks like mario ( band 1) is packages with yoshi (band 2) as a 2 player pack. being a part of the hybrid collection there will be pullback versions available to change lids.

    no news atm on anything beyond this being a strictly 2 player product. fine by me if the bugs are ironed out!

    the chassis has 2 new led looking things mounted on the top, one facing back and the other facing forward. this is how the combat will work i guess.

    very clever, the bananas are a rear shooting loss of control, shells fire forward and the thunderflash with knock out the opponent from the controller. like player ones controller will interfere with player 2’s car when lightning is triggered.
    using boost tacticly, rather than having access to it whenever you want will be very fun.

    i like where tomy has gone with these.

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