Do multi cell bits have better range?

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      Just want to know from people that have multi celled their bits whether you noticed a range increase after you did the battery mod.
      I think (not sure) that running the Rx on a higher voltage may make the Rx more sensitive and give it better range. But I would like people to confirm this for me, or not as the case may be.
      I have one bit that goes a mile further than the others, and the main difference is that it is a dual bat bit.
      What have you found??

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      I cant confirm it for, but from what iv heard and know i think your probably right there, the more voltage the better the reception and range on the TX, i dont think its a major difference, but a difference for sure 🙂

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      uA, I have a daul cell clone that has better range that my non-modded originals. Increased torque as well.



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      I have noticed a about a 2 foot difference in the range of both my dual cell cars.


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      I haven’t noticed much range difference in my dual cell sleeper, but it has about 18m of range anyway:p The dual cell mod is by far the best performance for money mod available.

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