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      hello i have heard of these and one of my friends havethe spec one he got itfrom over seas and I’m just wondering if anybody has one and can tell me were to buy one and information on them i believe that there are two specs. Spec one that have bad electronics and are slower than a digi q and spec two that has more advanced electronics and is faster than a digi q

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      I found these specs for you on the net, written by some “gertman”:

      Epoch Indoor Racer Description
      Contributed by: gertman

      An Epoch 1/43 is a FULLY proportional radio control car. They come in two varities Spec 1 (this includes the Speed Racer Mach 5) and Spec 2. They come with charger, radio, and 1 set of AM 27mhz crystals. The remote takes 1 9v and the charger takes 6AA. The car comes complete with 3 NiMH batteries.

      Spec 1
      Spec 1 is the original and the slowest. This is the version with the large wheel wells. Suspension consists of a “t” plate in the rear and coil springs in the front, much like a stock Mini Z. The car has 3 NiMH batteries installed in the car when you get it. It comes with a charger that hooks up to the bottom like an AC adapter and takes 30sec to 1 min to charge. The charger is powered by 6 AA battaries. Average battery time is about 5min. 2 body styles are avalible: Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline GT-R

      The Speed Racer Mach5 and Racer X (Still Spec 1)
      The only difference between this and the normal Spec 1’s is (besides the body) is oversized tires that use the original wheel of the Spec 1 as a rear hub. The new tires are widder and larger in diameter. The front hub is changable for when you change bodies from Mach 5 to Racer X’s car. Obviosly, because the wheels are bigger these cars, the gear ratio is slightly altered which makes them faster than Spec 1’s. Also they have more ground clearence.

      Spec 2
      With the Spec 2 version the elctronics have been redesigned and optimized. The wheel wells have been reduced to a normal size. The big news is a spring has been added to the rear “t” plate and a spacer is included in the front suspension. This spacer allows you to raise or lower the front end for more clearence. Also a much larger clear plastic bumper is included. The Spec 2 is the fastest of the bunch.

      Available Upgrades:

      • lights
      • different front springs
      • clear (lighter) lexan bodies
      • different tires
      • different color/style wheels
      • [/list]

        Speed Comparison
        The Spec 1 is slower than a Digi Q.
        The Spec 2 is slightly faster than a Digi Q.
        Neither can compare to a stock Mini Z. The only known way to increase speed is to get a lighter body.

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