Feedback wanted: scale chassis project

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      Any hints, tips, tricks would be appreciated. I’m going to give this a go and I’m not much of a modler so I’ll need all the help I can get.

      If you’ve got a plan of the chasis and you could post it, I’d be most greatful and if you could let me know what materials you used that’d very cool.

      As soon as I’ve made one or two, I’ll post the pictures and any issues I come accross here.

      Thanks very much,


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      Currently the ones I’ve built so far use only char-g parts, with a but of filing, cutting, and a lot of tenex.

      I could post a how-to if more people are interested, as I’d rather not disembowl another car, even if it is a knockoff.

      In regards to my current plan, I’ll be starting the actual building of the thin metal chassis tomorrow probably- first model in the char-g formfactor, so that it can be raced with a normal body. afterwards I’ll probably build one more test in the 1/64 scale before doing more research on finding a manufacturer.

      of course there’s still the issue of bodies, but some simple 2-part molds should simplify that.

      I did some tests with the johnny lightening wheels and was sadly disappointed- anything over a 1.0 motor spins out immediately, and the 1.0 does it reguarily too.

      If anyone has a better solution for Scale 1/64 wheels and tires, I’d be greatly interested.


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