Finally got one! Just a few questions..

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      Hi Derek,

      Just letting you know the car’s going really well…I’m glad I got

      the drift set…havin’ lots of fun doing burnouts on the dinner table 😉

      Just got a few quick questions if you wouldn’t mind. Is there a way

      to get a booster kit for my existing car, or do I have to purchase a

      kit like this one – which includes the

      car and booster, but no controller? I was looking at this as well – As I understand

      it, this is an entire new car/controller? What engine comes with the

      booster cars standard, and will the boosters work with all engines (even

      a 3.0 engine)?

      Also, what model are the cars that come with the booster kits? Are

      they all GT-Rs or can you get others?

      Sorry for all the questions..I’m just getting into it and looking at

      what else I can get! 😉


      – Martin.

      PS: I’ve noticed sometimes (especially when I turn), the reception seems

      to cut out intermittently, even though I’m pretty close to the car with

      the aerial extended and not near any phones or that pretty

      common, or could my car’s aerial be loose or something?

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      Hey Martin

      Firstly – DON’T apologise for asking questions 🙂 You have to learnsomehow, and if you don’t speak/read Japanese you HAVE to ask around.

      Glad you’re having fun with the car. The drift kit IS a hoot one youget used to it

      The booster cars are basically whole new setups. The only thing you can really keep from your existing setup is your fave shell. You MUST use the special 4Band/3ch controller and you must replace all of theinternal electronics.

      At USD49.54 (AUD96.00) including EMS freight (and assuming you don’t get charged GST), the kit linked via is a good buy if you wanted to grab one! Also see what Dozer can do for you, too.

      Yep – all of the booster cars are GT-Rs, but the clear shell is just a gimmick, really, as most people will use their fave painted shell from their fleet.


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