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      I have some problem with a Firelap 2.0 car,

      First when you power up the controller and then the car, the steering on the car immediately goes full left and it will not respond to the controller. When you power the controller off, the steering resets to straight ahead. Also, if you toggle between REV REV and REV OFF, the steering switches from full right to full left. In the REV REV setting there is also some sort of continual feed to the car, as you can feel it vibrate. When you select REV OFF this feed stops (and the steering switches). Unfortunately there are a couple of functions on the controller that are not described in the manual, REV being one of them. I was assuming that REV turned reversing on and off, but it doesn’t have this effect.

      The other thing is that when driving forward if you release the trigger the car stops, however when driving in reverse the car continues at the selected speed and won’t stop unless you pull the trigger into neutral.

      Can anyone help me with my problems and tell me where I can get instruction on the additional controller functions not covered in the manual, like REV, MDL, EPA, ABS, NAME, the use of CH and SW2.


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      welcome aboard!

      the first thing i’d check is the trims on the tx, make sure they’re centered.
      fiddle with the throttle trim until the motor turns forward, then back it off until it stops and is quiet.

      if the steering is still off center you may need to adjust the trimpot on the pcb (see attached pic) until the steering is mostly centered. then fine tune with the steering trim on the tx.

      TX= transmitter
      RX= reciever
      REV= servo reverse (if the steering is backwards then turn rev “on” for ch1, same for throttle, ch2)
      MDL= model (a group of settings)
      EPA= end point adjustment (individually adjust l/r steering travel, f/r throttle)
      ABS= anti-lock braking system (ignore this, it don’t work on the iwII tx:dissapprove: )
      NAME= 3 character name for each model
      CH= channel (ch1 = steering. ch2 = throttle. ch3 =?:huh: )

      see how that works out for ya and keep us posted :8ball:

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