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      T-34/85 – $150 AUD

      This Russian tank is a lean mean fighting machine. It has all the parts fully installed and barrel and exhaust ports cored for added realism. This one runs ok out of the box. Comes with 10 mini sandbags and “barrier wire” (it’s fuse wire made to look like barbed wire… nothing special here folks)

      Panther VG – $145 AUD

      This German tank uses a bit more brute force. Again all parts fully installed and barrel and exhaust ports are cored for added realism. Comes with the sandbags as well as the wire. This tank swerves off to the right a bit and needs to trim adjusted on the controller… which is why this one is cheaper. Still work fine, I am including a can of electronic lubricant that you must use SPARINGLY from time to time to keep the gearbox running evenly. You must be very careful not to get this stuff on the tracks otherwise the drive wheels will not have enough friction to move your tank!!

      If you wish to have both (in order to completely facilitate a “Combat Digi Q” Battle. Together they are priced at $285 AUD, I’ll also include the batteries to get you started to sweeten the deal.

      If you are interested email me at and CC it to (in case I miss it on the first one)

      Please don’t quibble about the price, if you can find cheaper elsewhere go elsewhere. But for Australians this saves a lot of hassle & time in shipping. Cash and Cheque and money order payments welcome. I can ship free to anywhere within the Sydney Metropolitan area. (Heck even home deliver if it’s possible) Anywhere else in Australia I will quote the shipping amount for you and include it in the price.

      I am selling these because I am now have a Mini Z addiction. I don’t really need to sell them, but it would be nice to offload them to someone who would use them more. They have barely been used. Please don’t PM me because I don’t use it.

      TTFN ;D

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      Mate would you offload them both for 250?

      The world is mine

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      Hey Jamie,

      I can do 250 if you are really interested.

      Are you in Sydney mate?

      Email me at if your interested…

      Just make sure you put “RE: DIGI Q TANKS” in the subject matter or I might think it’s junk mail.

      250 is doable… if you are interested.



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