Gamecocks are pets suitable for all ages.

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      Mr. Polphat Rojanaviradet is located at 58/2 Moo 6, Wang Nam Khiao Subdistrict. Kamphaeng Saen District Nakhon Pathom Province, an 18-year-old farmer who loves and has been interested in raising gamecocks since childhood. because they have grown and seen raising gamecocks from relatives As a result, he felt so loved and fascinated that he thought of raising him seriously in his spare time from school. until able to make a savings of ten thousand baht per year for him as well

      Khun Polphat, a new generation of passionate young people. Students of the Department of Public Administration Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University tell me that Has been interested in raising gamecocks since childhood. Because he likes to follow his uncle to fight chickens in the field often. When I had the opportunity to study and wanted to raise my own. Therefore began to raise seriously at the age of 15 years.

      Mr. Polphat Rojanaviradet
      “Since I can remember I saw that his uncle had a gamecock. Therefore, I have been in a relationship since I was a child. During that time, he will be watching and following him everywhere. Anything about gamecocks will be of interest. So I felt like and very happy during that time. But still haven’t had the opportunity to raise a full body. because the age is not yet ready Beginning in junior high school Responsible, so gradually have to take care of themselves. until you can create a good gamecock Sell ​​and make money later,” Khun Polapat said with a smile on his face.

      Most of the breeders who raised them, Mr. Polphat, said that some of them would come from his uncle and they would buy more into the farm as well. By choosing breeders from other reputable farms to breed more variety of species.

      supplemented with paddy
      In raising gamecocks in the farm before being released for sale, Mr. Polapat told us that A breeding ground for mating will be created. and the model not yet fully grown will let them feed themselves naturally. without him having to mess around in raising anything too much

      The breeder will choose the chickens that have been battled from the real field. And the breeder will focus on the breed that is a good breed to mix together. The age of the broodstock is chosen at least 5-6 months old hens and the brood is at least 7-8 months old.

      “Once we have caught the breeder and the desired mate. will put the chicken in the prepared coop Once the eggs are fertilized, the mother waits 21 days to incubate the eggs. When the chicks come out, they are fed with pig feed. To live like this for about 1-2 months, it will be separated from the mother. Let the chicks go with the flock stay natural During this time, the chickens will find some food for themselves. and some of us will take the rest of the food from the household. sow to eat Raised like this for about 5 months, all chicks will begin to grow. Ready to practice,” said Mr. Polapat.

      breeding ground
      When the natural gamecocks are fully grown It shows the glimmer of each individual how much they are ready. For the male, it will perform a beautiful audition. Come to feed them randomly separately. Keep wiping the water and bring it out to dry in the sun. Then it will be used to practice training to see the details of each cock’s fight. and prepare to show for customers to buy

      The females with beautiful appearance and good species will be distributed to customers who come to contact to buy. And some will be used as a substitute for use within the farm. All raised chickens can be sold out. It is up to the customer what age they choose.

      Taking care of the disease, Khun Polphat said that you have to be careful during the changing weather conditions. If it is during the late rainy and early winter, be especially careful. Which at his farm will start vaccinating chickens in the farm from the age of 7 days, it will help with the disease of chickens.

      water the chicken
      In the matter of marketing to sell gamecocks, Khun Polapat said that there is no problem in marketing. because during the time he followed his uncle to the gamecock field in different places Will be known to people who like this genre already. When it came to experimenting and breeding until successful, the chickens were taken out of the field. This makes the chickens in the farm more famous as well. causing customers to come in and buy from time to time

      “Chickens at my farm can be sold from young hens and at two and a half months old they can be sold. For example, the female is 5 months old, the starting price is 2,000 baht, and the male is 6 months old, the minimum price is 3,000 baht, which is not difficult to sell with social media. We often post pictures of chickens in our farm. There will be people who are interested to inquire. come in to buy periodically It makes enough to sell for ten thousand baht per year,” Mr. Polphat said.

      For those who love raising chickens Whether it is a youth or ไก่พม่า someone who has a full-time job and wants to raise chickens as a supplementary occupation. But he still doesn’t dare to seriously decide to take action. When you feel love and love to do it, do it right away. You don’t have to wait for the moment to do that moment right now. Because if you have a passion for raising, it will definitely be successful. And most importantly, the matter of age, there are no rules for raising. If you really care and love to do it. It can definitely be fed. Just like him, who was only 18 years old, he was able to achieve success and earn money as well.

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