Genuine Bit-CharG Variances?

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      I have a set of 4 Tomy Bit CharG cars, and noticed that one of them has a couple of slight differences to the other cars. They all came in genuine looking Tomy boxes. The one that has tiny differences is the silver Celica G-08. My other cars are the blue Skyline (G-03), the yellow S2000 (G-02) and the red RX7 (G-05).

      The differences…

      * The Celica has a white steering adjustment lever that is a little wider than the others

      * The rims of the Celica wheels are flat around the edge; the others have a small ‘step’ or lip/ridgearound the edge ofthe rims, right near the tire.

      Otherwise, everything else seems identical, right down to the performance, the controller, and the copyright information moulded onto the bottom of the car.

      Your thoughts?

      – HZ

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