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    Hey look my first thread anyways
    My older bro was talkin to me about how he remembers a rc truck that could shoot water. He said it looked like a blue truck and had this “cobra head” that popped out the back of the truck and spat water from its mouth, The car had a little water tank that you could fill and my bro thinks it was a tyco.
    Anyway i have been trying to look for it on the internet but have had no luck at all.
    Would any of you remember this car and be able to tell me what its name is and what brand, sorry for my bad discription 😮

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    Heck yes I remember those! I always wished I had one.
    I’m pretty sure your right on the name and make. I think it was called a Cobra. They were sweet. I doubt you would be able to find one these days. If I remember correctly they were made about 10-12 years ago…

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    Yer thanks for your help but I looked up Tyco Cobra and I couldent find anything about them.

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