Help! Wierd things happening with my car.

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      Also posted at The Admiral’s Lair — sorry for the crossposting, but looking for answers. 😉

      Received my Initial D/Project D set yesterday. It came stock with a 1.0 motor, and I purchased a 3.0 motor for it. The range on the car is about 6-7 feet before it just completely stops, and I have to extend my arm towards the car to get it going again. Also, the acceleration is pretty “jerky.” It sputters most of the time, and then, without apparent cause, it shoots off across the floor like a rocket (obviously I’m talking about the 3.0 here.)

      I’m considering the following solutions to my apparent problems:

      1.) Replacing the antennae with a piece of commercial grade Cat 5 network cabling. The thing that scares me about this, is there are some VERY fine wired located under the PCB in the car, and I’m terrified of pulling them off in order to get to the antennae wire.

      2.) Using the “Pots mod” that is posted at U face=Arial

      I just need to get a screwdriver small enough to make it work. Sheesh, that’s small!

      My car does not have the “cripple capacitor” so that option is out…

      Do you guys have any other suggestions to try?


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      Quest for Madness: a mod (#10) that involves the attachment of a telescopic antenna. He claims,

      “This modification gave me a modest 3′ boost in stutter-free range (6′ if you hold the controller over your head). The difference is evident when I switch back and forth between antennas. However, my telescopic antenna is only 17.5 inches long when fully extended, which isn’t much longer than the stock wire one. Im sure a longer one will achieve better results *snickering*. However, in combination with the UCripple Capacitor Mod No.6/U and the UCar Antenna Upgrade Mod No. 5/U, I have been able to achieve a total gain of 18′ of additional range on my Xanavi SE, whose original range was a paltry 5′ radius.”

      lots of other cool mods as well. enjoy. :smiley1:

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      oh and always check on the other side of the controller because my controller didtn have the capacitor were everyone says it is so i looked on the other side, saw a capacitor, and cut it now i have a range of 25 feet!!! so cehck the other side if it only has a range of 6 feet it should have the capacitor

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