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      Thanks DJ for the direction, looking forward to getting a few of these suckers into my hands :smiley4:

      Just thought I would introduce myself to the group and pass on this email I just recieved from JNH toys Aust.


      Many thanks for your email with regards to Bit Charg G. This fantastic
      little chargeable car will be released approximately July. You will be able
      to find them in most major retailers ie K Mart, Target, Toy world
      Toykingdom, along with many smaller toy stores.

      Leon we are calling them Compact Char G, so please keep that in mind when
      you go looking for them.

      Best regards,

      Kelly Edwards
      Customer Service Officer.
      JNH Australia Pty Ltd
      635 Waverley Road
      Glen Waverley Vic 3150
      Phone: (03) 9535 5888


      Any day now a package should be comeing to my door! Can hardly wait:smiley4:

      Cheers and talk to you all later


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      You guys in Australia are soooo lucky…

      I mean, just looking at the tourism commercials I’ve seen, you’ve got:

      • Beautiful, scantily-dressed women everywhere.
      • Crystal-clear ocean no more than 50 yards from wherever you’re standing.
      • Rivers running with beer.
      • A koala bear in every tree, and the Crocodile Hunter driving up and down the country roads.
      • [/list]

        …and now you’ve got Bit Char-G–excuse me! I mean Compact Char-G. Well, that’s just freakin’ GREAT!

        Oops. Almost forgot. Welcome aboard AUSMICRO and The Admiral’s Lair, Leon!

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