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      In another forum, “partmangr” wrote:

      > I have 3 of the bit char-g’s on order (s2000 wrx, and a booser car) as
      > well as the lap counter and am going nuts waiting! As for body
      > possibilities has anyone tryed to mount an ho (1/64th scale) body on
      > one. with a little mods I got to think it would fit.

      Well, you got me thinking and the curiosity got the better of me, so it was time to whip out the digital camera for another expedition.

      The HO slotcar that I used was an AFX-brand “Super-G” NASCAR. As you said, HO is 1:64 scale. Char-G is approximately 1:70 scale (keeping in mind the artistic licencetaken inthe reproduction of the cars!) Give or take a little, that’s roughly a 10% difference.

      Side by side, as shown in this photo set, they are almost identical in width. However, the 8mm (0.31″) difference betweentheir respectiveaxle centres becomes the showstopper in terms of a direct swap. There is plenty of room internally in the slotcar shell to house the Char-G’s radio gear

      I’m sure someone handy with a Dremel Multitool could quickly widen the wheel arches to make the body fit. But, at the time of writing this report, I have neither a Dremel tool nor a HO slotcar that I’m willing to sacrifice as a donor. If YOU happen to take this idea on, please drop us an email with some pix and a brief outline of the operation and we’ll share the details with the rest of the ausmicro.com community.

      Hope that answers your question, Partmangr


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