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      OK they’re a bit ‘old skool’ these days but finally I have one and I gotta say I can understand why they’ve been such a success.

      The one I have is a third? hand one that has some minor knocks and tweaks but is essentially stock.

      I am running it using some old (ie big and clunky) 29MHz Stick Tx/Rx combo and a 1/10th (good for >18 turn 540class) ESC, so it’s a tight fit in the chassis. Only done some carpet bashing around the house and on some very slippery faux wood flooring. Drift is good 🙂

      So yeah if you can pick one up cheap (ie that eBay deal from late last year USD40) or something give it a go. They’re fun drive nice and a little different fromt eh ‘Z and 1/10ths without being completely alien 😉


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