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      Heya all. Been out of micro for close to 5-6 years. Mini-z’s piling up a bit of dust, not a bitchar-g to be seen, lol..

      But the micro quad copters are cool. I bought a couple of hubsan x4’s off ebay (approx $60AUD a pop) and I’m really impressed.

      These things are fast, airspeed is fast, I fly it at my local park and it can easily disappear up into the clouds and what is surely not a legal part of the air to fly in!

      They have lots of MODs on the net but I’m knew to searching at the moment. Just enjoy playing with the things first, lol…

      Anyways, I have modded mine for some weight loss.

      -removed the micro-SD CAM pcb
      -removed the bottom chassis and replaced with thin clear plastic for PCB protection

      I also got some lipo’s off ebay, 500mAh ones instead of the 380mAh stock ones. You need to mod the chassis to fit the larger ones due to the off-centre placement of the battery with the undercarriage in place. It causes the copter to fly backwards to fast and the trim can’t bet set forward enough to fix.
      With the undercarriage in place the larger 500mAh battery can be placed in a more central position allowing trim to be used as normal.

      I have also some some research on the PCB driving these things. I must say I am fascinated in all the custom ASIC that goes into these things. Including the tiny arse gyro that sits on the PCB crammed between two larger ASIC chips that prolly run the show.

      Anyways, I have found the four driver transistors for the 4 motors. This is a simple circuit that only uses one drive transistor (BJT) for each motor (only one direction does the motor spin, no h-bridge like car RC is needed for fwd and rev).

      Turns out these little copter buggers can be modded with the same MOSFETS (IRLML2502) from the good old BitChar-G days!!!! lol…

      I modded one to test but stuff it a bit and fried the PCB, but it does work!!! I will post some pics soon.



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      this is a cool mod:

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      I have hundreds of those FETs if you need any. Have avoided temptation to go Quad 😉

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