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      …do it PROPERLY and get one of the Bit Char-G Digital Lap Counters! My test unit arrived today and I’ve just finished rushing out someinitial photos for you to check out.

      This is one seriously cool little gadget to enhance your micro RC racing experience. While it was designed for the Bit Racer and Bit Char-G cars, it could be used with ANY micro RC car setup.

      Photos do not do the unit justice. You have to seeand HEARthis thing in action to appreciate the excitement it brings to yoru racing. Features include

      • Crystal clear LCD display
      • Moveable reflector panel (ie so you can use it with other micro RC cars)
      • Two race modes (complete 1 to 10mins with countdown OR complete 1 to 500 laps with countdown). 500 laps? Yeah right!
      • Relocatable START button to keep clumsy fingers away from the track
      • Four stage (beep – beep – beep – beeeeeeep!) audible count-down to race starts.
      • Audible and visual alerts for session lap records; race sessionnearing end; and so on – REALLY keeps pushing you/encouraging youto improve your driving ability!
      • Dead easy to set up and use.
      • Is powered by two AAA batteries that, by all accounts, lasta VERY long time!
      • [/list]

        If anyone is intested in getting hold of one of these little blighters in a group-purchase, you’ll be looking at around AUD35.00ea. Just drop us aline and we’ll register your interest.


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