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      Greets fellow Bit Char-G enthusiaists…

      I recently got into this “sport” as a result of a post in a

      Bigpond for-sale newsgroup. I had informed a friend of mine

      about this post and showed him the links and pics that had

      been doing the rounds… He loved them, straight away!…

      Now, my mate has a few of the “large” scale RC’s, and thought

      these would be a great addition… So I put an order in for

      him and myself… His arrived first…

      But my mate is not one to let something be… He “customises”

      his possesions, that just how he is…

      So attached, hopefully, are some pics I took of his…


      Enjoy… Or not, I dont care…






      PS – This last one was taken mostly for my mate, so he could show

      the difference between his treasured large scale RC and the G

      DJ, I know I said I would email these pics to you, but I saw your post

      about the forum and thought all might like to see them…

      Sorry about the size of the pics, the largest (last one) is about 174KB!

      And these are cropped from 6.18MB tifs!!!…

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      Wh0o0o0o! Nice work

      A couple of quick question for you/your friend, if I may:

      • What type/brand of glue did he use? I’m assuming it was just some sort of modelling cement? Note: The one glue that you should avoid, I’m told, is “Superglue” (and variants). It’s not particularly flexible and more critically, it has a tendency to’eat’ intothe plastic – making it very thin and brittle.
      • What was the “donor” car? Just looking at the parachute pods and wheelie bar, they are almost perfectly to scale!
      • What sort of cam were the photos taken with? I’m guessing somesort of Kodak based on the file names.EXCELLENT depth of field in macro modefor a digicam.
      • [/list][/list]
        Anyway – thanks to you and your mate for the contribution. We’ll get the images added to the “MicroPix” section….ermmm…..as soon as we get it working

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      I’m not sure of the name of the glue, but my mate is one for doing a job properly!…

      The liquid is a proper “plastic weld” type cement, intended for plastics, and comes in a bottle similar

      to nail polish.

      The donor “cars”, plural, NOT singular!… They came from his collection of Hotwheels/Matchbox cars ( a little

      more than 200, in total…) The wheelie bar on it is different from the one I saw him fit originally… Although I

      like this one better too…

      Yes, it was a Kodak, a DC290…



      PS – I’ll call shortly for the other car…

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